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Business Models and Modelling Vol: 33

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09 Nov 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
480 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
Advances in Strategic Management


In this volume, leading scholars from North America, Europe, and Asia come together to explore new dimensions of the business models topic paying particular attention to the modelling dimension - what this means, how modelling should be approached, how business models are manipulated, how they become iconic, and why they are embedded in heuristics. These ideas are a new departure for the literature that allows more solid theorizing about the role of business models in conceptions of strategy and strategizing. It also allows the demand side perspective (customers and their engagement) to become clearer, so linking academic writing more clearly to events in the digital economy. Our volume also examines business models and change. It explores how the business model perspective increases our understanding of micro and macro change processes - in particular, the critical question of how to achieve scale and scope, and the difference between social and other business models, how business models vary over the industry cycle and how different levels of management contribute to business model innovation.
The Business Model: Nature and Benefits. Crafting an Innovative Business Model in an Established Company: The Role of Artifacts. Research on Business Models: Challenges and Opportunities. Business Modelling as Configuring Heuristics. Designing Scalable Digital Business Models. Doing Well to Do Good: Business Model Innovation for Social Healthcare. Models of Internationalization: A Business Model Approach to Professional Service Firm Internationalization. Antecedents and Consequences of Business Model Innovation: The Role of Industry Structure. Business Model Change: Managerial Roles and Tactics in Decision-Making. Copyright page. Business Models and Modelling. Introduction: Business Models and Modelling Business Models. List of Contributors. Advances in Strategic Management. Business Models and Modelling. Business Model Implementation: The Antecedents of Multi-Sidedness. From Business Model to Business Modelling: Modularity and Manipulation. Business Model Innovation: How Iconic Business Models Emerge. A Cognitive Mapping Approach to Business Models: Representing Causal Structures and Mechanisms. About the Authors.

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