Boosting Impact and Innovation in Higher Education: The Knowledge Entrepreneur and High Diversity Groups in Universities

Ross Rynehart
Imagine Consulting Group International, Australia

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13 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229mm


This book provides a practical guide to mastering The Knowledge Entrepreneur Toolkit and to establishing High Diversity Groups in universities. Both are key to universities boosting their capacity for innovation and their impact both internally and on major world issues. This is not a traditional academic book. Rather, it represents a practical and pragmatic guide for academics, professional staff and university leaders to develop the skills and cultures needed to work intelligently and creatively with high levels of diversity. High levels of diversity, intentionally assembled, is the key to high performing leadership groups and research groups within universities. 

The author challenges academics and professionals within universities to pay as much attention to the development of their intra- and inter-personal skills and knowledge as they do to academic and professional skills and knowledge. He suggests that development of these skills has often been neglected, resulting in the inability of universities to realise the full potential of diversity and to create new knowledge and innovations that add value. 

Long standing university cultures and practices are challenged by this book. Yet universities are being required to adapt rapidly to technological and social changes as well as societal expectations. The Knowledge Entrepreneur and High Diversity Groups are two very timely frameworks to enable universities in meeting these challenges.
Part One: The Knowledge Entreprenuer
1. The Knowledge Entrepreneur Role 
2. The Intra-personal or Self Components of the KE Toolkit 
3. The Inter-personal or Social Components of the KE Toolkit 
4. The Challenge of Learning 
Part Two: High Diversity Groups
5. Introduction To High Diversity Groups 
6. The HDG Process Playlist 
7. Two Specific Types of HDGs 
8. A Hypothetical Example of a HDG 
9. How to Develop High Diversity Groups 
10. Beyond the Boundaries
Ross Rynehart is the Co-founder and Director of Imagine Consulting Group International. Ross has spent the last 8 years developing tailored programs for the University sector in Australia, particularly with the University of Western Australia. Positions held prior to founding Imagine CGI include Teacher, Education Consultant, Northern Challenge Project Leader, Station Leader, Mawson, Antarctica, Operations Manager for Natural Resources and Mines Queensland and Principal Project Officer, Leadership Development for the Queensland Government. Ross holds Undergraduate qualifications in Agriculture, Education and Special Education and a Post Graduate MEd(Hons) and PhD.
"Never before has the landscape that universities operate in experienced such rapid and complex change. Ross Rynehart's book helps to provide university leaders with the tools to embrace this change and unlock the potential within their organisations." - Professor Matthew Tonts, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts - Business, Law and Education, University of Western Australia

"Have you been challenged with leading change in a University setting? This book takes you through the process and pitfalls of academic leadership and importantly shows you how to bring your staff with you." - Professor Tony O’Donnell, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Science - University of Western Australia

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