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Blue Ribbon Papers: Interactionism: The Emerging Landscape Vol: 36

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11 May 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Volume 36 of "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" is solely devoted to the "Blue-Ribbon Papers". Nine papers are published in which hotly-contested issues are raised that, even if only resolved partially, could permanently change the future direction of interactional thought. Among the questions addressed are: whether there ever existed a genuine sociological school of thought based on "interactionsim" at the University Chicago, whether Herbert Blumer misinterpreted the major thrust of George Herbert Mead's thought, whether conventional or radical interactionism is the most insightful perspective from which to examine crucial life decisions that are conflict-ridden, whether George Herbert Mead's and George Santayana's perspectives converged with or diverged from one another's and with radical interactionism, whether language develops primarily from the inside out or from the outside in, whether personal economics is mainly responsible for self esteem and the over-all functioning of the self in everyday life, and whether filming constitutes a method of recording data that traditional ethnographers should include in their tool box?
List of Contributors. Interactionism: The Growing Threat of Intellectual Extinction. Revisiting the Mead–Blumer Controversy. The Chicago School: A Political Interpretation. Language and Mind in the Thought of G. H. Mead: Challenges from Chomsky's Linguistics. The Coinage of the Self: Money, Signs, and the Social Self. Santayana: Entering into the Drama of his Social Thought. Death Becomes Mead: Toward a Radical Interactionist Reading of Million Dollar Baby. A Home in Brick City. Blue Ribbon Papers: Interactionism: The Emerging Landscape. Studies in symbolic interaction. Studies in symbolic interaction. Copyright page.

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