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Black Male Socialization: Revisited in the Minds of Respondents Vol: 16

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18 Nov 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
148 pages - 156 x 234 x 9mm
Contemporary Studies in Sociology


The term socialization, in sociology and social psychology, almost always denotes the process whereby individuals learn to behave willingly in accordance with the prevailing standards of their culture. Although occasionally used synonymously with learning, it is usually reserved for the type of learning that bears on future role performance, which particularly involves group approval. In this work, the black men interviewed talk of their early life experiences, and set the stage for a critical examination of the conventional interpretations of black male socialization. Only through the recollections and perceptions of early life experiences can black American males accurately be defined. This book responds to those experiences.
Preface (L.W. Myers). Foreword (J. Moland Jr). Dominant view of black male socialization. Socialization and black family life. Family structure and the socialization of black males. Societal expectations and black males behavioral responses: a literature review. The status of black males' in America. Transitions. Theoretical orientation. The research. Epilogue. Appendix. References. Index.

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