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Bioethics for Medical Education Vol: 5

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15 Apr 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
368 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Bioethics


Volume 5 covers many ethical problems in bioethics from the relevance of the law in making medical decisions, to genetics, and to assisted reproduction. Authors apply ethical theory, meta-ethical theory and valuational perspectives to a variety of ethical issues.
Preface (R.B. Edwards). In the beginning: the emergence of secular bioethics (H.T. Engelhardt et al.). Public morality and moral education (R.S. Downie, R.J. Macnaughton). Systems bioethics: the future of epidemics and medical ethics (C.D. Clements). Minimizing utilitarianism: an ethical theory for clinical practice (R.B. Edwards). Medical ethics and the law (D. Orentlicher). Randomized clinical trials: ethical considerations (R.J. Levine). The use and abuse of animals in research (B.E. Rolin). Ethical issues in genetic research, testing counselling, and therapy (R.M. Wright et al.). Why most abortions are wrong (D. Marquis). Why most abortions are not wrong (B. Steinbock). Legal and ethical issues raised by assisted reproduction (N.R. Elster). Justice in the distribution of health care and scarce medical resources (N.S. Jecker). Death and permission to die (R.B. Edwards, G.C. Graber). Euthanasia (H. Kuhse). Index.

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