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Beyond the UN Global Compact: Institutions and regulations Vol: 17

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13 Apr 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice
This book offers African, Asian, Latin American, European, and North American perspectives on institutions and regulations promoting sustainable economic growth in the post-2015 development agenda in areas such as environment, labour, risk management, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and innovation. The chapters address sustainability issues at the firm, national, regional and international levels from a multidisciplinary perspective. The chapters of this volume address the challenge of enhancing economic competitiveness of the supply side economies while pushing a sustainable development agenda. This work addresses the existing inequalities, environmental degradation, and economic/financial instability under current dynamics of international and domestic power relations in order to meet the set objectives for the post-2015 era. This volume advances the perspectives on the non-compulsory alternative to markets regulations, the United Nations Global Compact, explored in the previous volume 'The UN Global Compact: Fair Competition and Environmental and Labour Justice in International Markets' vol. 16.
The Global Compact: Corporate Sustainability in the Post 2015 World. About the Authors. Copyright page. Beyond the UN Global Compact: Institutions and Regulations. Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice. Beyond the UN Global Compact: Institutions and Regulations. International Business Risk Management and the Emerging Market Crises as Challenges for the UN Global Compact. The Institutionalization of CSR: At the Crossroads of Home and Host Countries Institutional Settings, Multinational Corporations, and Multinational Institutions. Incorporating Voluntary Standards into National Law: An Overview of the Scandinavian Experience. List of Contributors. Corporate Impact on the Environment and the Judicial Development of the Norm of Corporate Sustainability: Implications for the Implementation of the UN Global Compact. Sustainable Processes and Production Methods (PPMs) in Private Standards: A Proxy for Trade Barriers or Decentralised Mechanisms for Environmental Governance?. Environmental Sustainability in the CAFTA-DR Region: Impact of the Treaty’s Environmental Provisions on Country and Multinational Firm Level Sustainability. IFRS Adoption and the Environment: Is Africa Closing Her Eyes to Something?. Innovation-Driven Economic Development Model: A Way to Enable Competitiveness in Nigeria. Governments as Owners: Nationalization of International Business and Social Responsibility. Public Management and Smart Mobs despite the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: Reflections on the Contemporary Organizational Model in Comparison with the UN Global Compact Initiative. Trade Openness, Financial Liberalization, Economic Growth, and Environment Effects in the North-South: New Static and Dynamic Panel Data Evidence. Labour Relations and International Business: The Doctrine of Constructive Dismissal and Labour Relations in Malaysia. List of Figures. List of Tables.

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