Behavioral Strategy in Perspective Vol: 39

Mie Augier
Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Christina Fang
New York University, USA

Violina Rindova
University of Southern California, USA

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21 Sep 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
296 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Strategic Management
Behavioral strategy has evolved as a field the last decades both intellectually and institutionally. This volume brings together scholars from several generations that have led and defined the behavioral approaches in strategy to reflect on the past, present, and future of behavioral strategy. Thus, rather than seeking empirical contributions that would fill in research gaps and expand research in specific domains, we endeavored to: a) represent the diversity of perspectives that inform behavioral research in strategic management; b) open up a space for reflection and provocation by scholars who are widely recognized as thought leaders both in their respective strands of behavioral strategy research, and in the field as a whole; and c) offer a set of perspectives and directions for the field of behavioral strategy at a pivotal moment in its evolution.
Introduction: Behavioral Strategy: A Quick Account; Mie Augier, Christina Fang and Violina Rindova
I. The Field of Behavioral Strategy and Its Evolution
Some Thoughts on the Development of Disciplines, with Particular Attention to Behavioral Strategy; James G. March
A Strategy for Behavioral Strategy: Appraisal of Small, Midsize, and Large Tent Conceptions of This Embryonic Community; Donald C. Hambrick and Craig Crossland
Decoupling and Intergroup Dynamics in Behavioral Strategy, and a More Integrative Alternative; James D. Westphal
A Behavioral (Simonian) Perspective on (Behavioral) Strategic Management Research; Mie Augier and Nicholas Dew
II. Perspectives on Behavioral Strategy and Strategizing
From Strategy to Strategic Organization; Daniel A. Levinthal
The Organizational Foundations of Behavioral Strategy; Phanish Puranam
Where to Search; Henrich R. Greve
Organizational Sensing and the Occasions for Strategizing; Sidney G. Winter
Hierarchical Sensing and Strategic Decision Making; Elad Green and Zur Shapira
Bounded Rationality, Heuristics, Computational Complexity and Artificial Intelligence; Richard A. Bettis and Songcui Hu
Romantics, Mercenaries and Behavioral Rationality; Thomas C. Powell
The Three Minds of the Strategist: Toward an Agentic Perspective on Behavioral Strategy; Violina P. Rindova and Luis L. Martins
Praxis, Character and Competence: From a Behavioral to a Communitarian View of the Firm; Haridimos Tsoukas
III. Behavioral Strategy in Action
Behavioral Strategy and Strategy Prescription; Philip Bromiley and Devaki Rau
Behavioral Strategy: An Alternative Account of Superior Profitability? Christina Fang and Chengwei Liu
Behavior in Behavioral Strategy: Capturing, Measuring, Analyzing; Charlotte Reypens and Sheen S. Levine
Teaching Strategists to Take Advantage of What Happens; William Starbuck
Confessions of a Behavioral Strategist! Edward J. Zajac
Mie Augier is an Associate Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, USA. She has also worked on consulting and strategy for businesses, governments, executive audiences and educational institutions in the USA and abroad on issues relating to faculty development, strategy, curriculum development, leadership development programs, and developing innovations in institutions. Her current research looks at organizational behavior, innovation, culture, strategy, and the history of behavioral social science and management education.
Christina Fang is an Associate Professor of Management and Organizations at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business in New York, USA. Her research focuses on the challenges and mechanisms of learning. Current research examines causal attributions of business performance, issues of novelty in technological innovations, and behavioral/strategic implications of learning in the absence of immediate feedback.
Violina Rindova is Professor of Management and Organization at the University of Southern California, USA. She teaches and studies strategic innovation - how firms create value, intangible assets, and new market opportunities through unconventional strategies across a variety of industry contexts.

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