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Autonomy and Choice in Context: An International Perspective

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20 Oct 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
504 pages - 156 x 234 x 26mm


This book brings together for the first time the most current research about the academic effects and policy implications of the school reform known as parental choice. The topic of choice in education is discussed in terms of why, when, where and how, if at all, it should be implemented. The contents are fourteen original papers written by scholars from Israel, UK, the United States and Canada and brings together the empirical studies of school choice examined in an international context.
Foreward. Introduction. Major Summary Points. Israel. School Autonomy in a centralized system: the case of Israeli secondary education (H. Ayalon). Sponsored autonomy and misguided choice: the rise and fall of an educational endeavor (K. Benyamini). School choice as a bargain in the sectarian educational system (M. Chen). School autonomy and parental choice: steps in local educational planning (F. Haymann et al.). Parental choice as leverage toward social change in education: two schools in Jerusalem (T. Horowitz). Educational opportunities, parental choice, community structure and mobility: the case of the Arab community of Jaffa (O. Ichilov, A.E. Mazawi). The function of evaluation in school autonomy (D. Nevo). Autonomy and choice as school strategies for peripheral communities in Israel (A. Yogev). United States. Politics, markets, and equality in schools (J.E. Chubb, T.M. Moe). The design of schools as output-driven organizations (J.S. Coleman). School choice and the creation of community (P.W. Cookson). Creative non-compliance (S. Fliegel). Schools of choice and the revival of urban community (C.L. Glenn). Parental choice: consequences for students, families and schools (E. Goldring et al.). Possibilities, problems, and progress: early lessons from the charter movement (J. Nathan). Great Britain. School autonomy and parental choice: circumscribed realities of reform (V. Williams). The Netherlands. Raising the effectiveness of schooling and learning by enlarging school autonomy: the case of The Netherlands (H.G.L.C. Lodewijks). Canada. Constraints on parents' involvement in school (A.J.C. King). Author index. Subject index.

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