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Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Educational and Clinical Interventions Vol: 14

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01 Nov 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm
Advances in Special Education


This work is concerned with the study of children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The book provides theoretical, educational and clinical perspectives related to this disorder. The perspectives discussed are based upon past and present theories of autism, educational practices since the 1970s and recent clinical innovations. The term ASD recognizes that this is a very heterogeneous disorder that encompasses the classic autistic disorder and milder variants such as Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. Presently, there exists a growing need for information to understand the complex educational and mental health needs of individuals with ASD. The content of this book is directed at meeting this need. For example, Section I of this book provides the reader with information concerned with theoretical foundations on the disorder and includes chapters on cognitive theories and symptomology of autism and neurological implications of autism to the ageing process. Section II provides the reader with educational best practices and includes chapters on pre-service and in-service training of teachers, successful curriculum innovations, and multicultural concerns. Section III of the book provides the reader with recent effective clinical practices and includes chapters on assessment, counselling techniques for individuals with ASD, a model of how to work with parents of children with ASD, psychotropic medication management concerns, and a comprehensive interview with an adult with ASD. The book also contains a new theoretical model to ASD which is entitled "The Control Theory of Autism".
Theoretical aspects; cognitive theories and symptomology of autism, T. Wahlberg; the control theory of autism, T. Wahlberg; autism - neurological implications and the aging process, T. Wahlberg; a case study in the dynamics of autism, T. Wahlberg, S. Jordan; educational considerations; preparing future teachers for students with autistic spectrum disorders, T.A. Mehring, M. Dow; inservice training for educators of individuals with autism, M. Dow, T.A Mehring; developing appropriate curriculum for students with autistic spectrum disorders, J.P. Bakken, S.J. Bock; language development and text comprehension in individuals with autism, T. Wahlberg; autism - multicultural perspectives, T. Taylor Dyches et al; clinical intervention considerations; diagnosis and assessment of autistic spectrum disorders, J.A. Deisinger; counselling issues for parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders, S. Burkhardt with contributions from M.E. Bucci; counselling techniques for individuals with autistic spectrum disorders, M.R. Arthur et al; the role of medication in the management of autistic spectrum disorders, M. Hoover; interview with a high functioning adult with autism, T. Wahlberg, A.F. Rotatori.

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