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Assessment and Psychopathology Issues in Special Education Vol: 10

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24 Feb 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Special Education


This series is aimed at graduate students in special education, educational psychology, and developmental and clinical psychology. Various contributors discuss basic theoretical positions and empirical findings within various professions which provide the foundation for research and clinical/educational applications to exceptional children. Included are chapters covering aspects of cognition, perception, language, memory, attention, motivation and socialization, as well as chapters dealing with behaviourist, psychodynamic, piagetian and cross-cultural approaches to understanding a typical development. Taken as a whole, this series identifies the important substantive constructs and concepts which provide the underpinnings for applied practice and research in special education and related fields.
Adaptive behaviour, everyday intelligence, and the constitutive definition of mental retardation, Harvey Switzky et al; perspective taking ability of mentally retarded adults and the relationship to measured intelligence and the display of maladaptive behaviour, Andre Burns; assessment of culturally diverse students with behaviour disorders, Festus E. Obiakor, John O. Schwenn; functional analysis and treatment of severe behaviour problems, Elson M. Bihm et al; dual diagnosis and severe behaviour problems, Ann R. Poindexter et al; the developmental course of autistic disorder in males, Kirsten Mitchell, Sandra A. Burkhardt; various treatment modalities for autistic individuals, Tim Wahlberg, Anthony Rotatori; assessment issues in the identification of attention deficit disorders, Mark B. Goor, and John O. Schwenn; neuropsychological assessment in special education, Cooper B. Holmes, Dee Ann Holmes; authentic assessment - the link to special education, Teresa Mehring; assessment of depression in special education populations, Sharon K. Karr, Kevin Davis; the assessment of depression and suicide in juvenile delinquents, Julie A. Kosier-Leonard; sexuality and individuals with developmental disability - legal and ethical rights, and implications for counselling, Randolph A. Stevens; panic disorder with agoraphobia in women - etiology and treatment, Julie A. Kosier-Leonard; paedophiles and perpetrators of child sexual abuse - an overview of the research, Mary Kaley.

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