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Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance Vol: 24

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03 Sep 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
464 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
Public Policy and Governance
Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance examines contemporary challenges facing public leaders in Asia, providing insight into leadership processes and contexts past practices affecting effective governance and policy leadership. The book provides a broad range of insightful and detailed cases of international and domestic interest in East and Southeast Asia, and is relevant to all disciplines concerned with politics, public governance and public affairs. The cases cover such topics as regional development and integration, transnational migration, and domestic topics of economic, political and educational development. The volume is informed by modern notions of leadership which include governance in a polycentric world (including civil society), the rise of a new generation, regionally and globally connected problems, expectations for increased integrity, transparency and effectiveness from its leaders, and enduring expectations that leaders and nations meet their populace's needs for health, prosperity and security. Such a focus on Asian leadership in modern context makes this book timely and interesting.
Issues and Concerns for Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance. China’s New Leadership and Global Role. Collective Hedging: What Drives Regional Institution-Building in the Asia-Pacific?. ASEAN Centrality: A Quest for Leadership Role in East Asian Economic Integration. Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation and Asian Regional Integration: Why Joint Participation of China and Taiwan Is Good for Them and the Region?. South Korea’s Leadership in East Asia: A Middle Power Advancing Regionalism. The Evolution of Leadership Styles in the South China Sea: Contextual Factors and Shifting Approaches in China and the United States. Envisioning Burma: Legitimacy, Leadership, and Political Reform. The Role of Leadership in Political and Economic Transition in China. Political Leadership and Public Administration in Thailand. Public Managers Must Also Be Leaders: The Hollowing-Out of Leadership and Public Management Reform in Hong Kong. A Female Leader in Executive Service: The Case of Mayor Risma of Surabaya. The Reluctant Leader: The Philippine Journey from Labor Export to Championing a Rights-Based Approach to Overseas Employment. Political Systems and Financial Reform Process: A Comparative Study of China, Taiwan, and New Zealand. Engaged Buddhism: Social Transformation in India and Taiwan. A Problem of Tomorrow: Leadership in the Field of Emergency Management in Taiwan. Transformation of Policy Entrepreneurship in East Asian Higher Education: A Case Study in Taiwan. About the Authors. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance. Public Policy and Governance. Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance.

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