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Applied Demography: Applications to Business, Government, Law and Public Policy

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03 Oct 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
686 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm


In contrast to a typical general text in demography, which is concerned with demographic principles, trends, problems, and theories, Applied Demography explores the practical issues with which demographers working for government agencies, private nonprofit organizations, and businesses deal. It emphasizes the applications of applied demography in a variety of related disciplines, such as geography, economics, gerontology, public policy, law, sociology, public administration, and business management. The data of these disciplines are taken into account, as are the methods of statistics and computer sciences. The book aims to inform the student of the wide range of applications of demography, including not only narrowly demographic situations but also nondemographic situations, such as manufacturing processes and the dynamics of organizations as a population.
Scope and Methods of Applied Demography. Recent Population Trends and Prospects and Interrelations with Selected Social and Economic Programs. Basic Sources of Demographic and Socioeconomic Data and Ways of Accessing Them. Limitations of Census and Survey Data. Geodemography: Geographic Area Concepts and Information Systems for Demographic Applications. Demographic Applications in Business Planning. Demographic Applications to Government and Private Nonprofit Organizations. The Demography of the Labor Force and of the Workforce of Organizations. Population Estimates: Basic Demographic Characteristics. Population Projections: Basic Demographic Characteristics. Estimates and Projections of Socioeconomic and Health Characteristics. Some Political Applications of Demographic Data and Methods. Demographic Aspects of Selected Public Policy Issues. The Demography of Organizational Populations. Epilogue. Legal Cases Cited. Index.

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