Angel Financing in Asia Pacific: A Guidebook for Investors and Entrepreneurs

John Y. Lo
Independent Scholar, Hong Kong

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28 Oct 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
528 pages - 152 x 229 x 15mm
Angel investment and finance have been spreading from Silicon Valley to other parts of the world, including Asia, at an accelerating pace. Yet there have been few attempts to document this phenomenon and examine the hows and whys of startup financing in the region. Angel Financing in Asia Pacific addresses this knowledge gap by approaching the subject matter from two angles. First, from a journalistic angle, it aims to capture the current status and recent developments in a number of countries or territories in Asia. In each country report, the respective author(s) trace the background, trends, and future outlook of technology and innovation driven developments and related angel investment activities. The second part of the book takes a more analytical and prescriptive angle to the subject; making recommendations, providing analysis, and suggesting new approaches to startup financing in the Asia Pacific region.
PART A: INTRODUCTION A1. Introduction - John Y. Lo PART B: THE ANGEL INVESTMENT SCENE ACROSS THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION B1. Hong Kong - John Y. Lo B2. China - John Y. Lo B3. Korea - Benjamin J. Butler and Hahn Ryu B4. Japan - Evan Burkosky B5. Taiwan - Christopher Fisher and Marvin Lai B6. India - Anil Joshi and Padmaja Ruparel B7. Thailand - William Scheela, Kris Nalamlieng and Chanisa Rueangkirianya B8. Malaysia - Raiyomand Nariman B9. Singapore - Poh Kam Wong and Douglas Abrams B10. Indonesia - Budiman Goh B11. Australia - Patrick Mooney and John Mactaggart B12. New Zealand - Suse Reynolds PART C: ANGEL FINANCING - A GUIDE FOR INVESTORS AND ENTREPRENEURS C1. Angel Investment - John Y. Lo C2. Why Become an Angel? - John Y. Lo C3. What Does It Take to Be an Angel? - John Y. Lo C4. Finding Angel Investment Opportunities - John Y. Lo C5. Winning Investment Strategies - John Y. Lo C6. Approaches to Valuing a Venture - Wilton Chau and John Y. Lo C7. the Path of Growth Companies - John Y. Lo C8. Structuring Founder Interests and Relationship - John Y. Lo C9. Protecting and Managing Intellectual Property - Kenneth Y. Choy, Jacqueline Lui and John Y. Lo C10. Attracting Angel Capital - John Y. Lo C11. Structuring the Terms of Investment - John Y. Lo C12. Documentation, Due Diligence and Completion - John Y. Lo C13. Post-Investment: How Angels and Startups Dance Down the Yellow Brick Road - John Y. Lo C14. Follow-On Financing and Exit - John Y. Lo PART D: THE RATIONALE AND FUTURE FOR ANGEL INVESTING IN ASIA PACIFIC D1. Angel Investment in Asia Pacific: Policies Looking Forward - Yuk Fai Kevin Au, Marta K. Dowejko, Ka Wai Boby Shiu and Zhujun Ding D2. Why Choose to Be an Angel Investor in the Asia Pacific? - Po Chi Wu
Edited by John Y. Lo, Lawyer and Independent Scholar, Hong Kong

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