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Analysis with Local Census Data: Portraits of Change

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09 Mar 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
369 pages - 178 x 235 x 18mm


The 1990 United States Census was the most exhaustive in history. The vast majority of census users seek information about local areas, yet they lack examples or methodology texts prepared by experts in the field. This book is dedicated to the needs of these local census data users. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the data and teaches useful methods of analysis, focusing on four major themes: mastering access to the full range of census data, measuring changes over time, comparing places, and demonstrating how different aspects of change fit together. More than a reference book or how-to-manual, the emphasis throughout is on developing a sophisticated, critical understanding of the census. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the scope of local census data and carefully explains the different variables and sources of data. It emphasizes how analysis can be conducted to extract maximum use from local data. It is written to coincide with the publication of the 1990 United States Census data.
Definitions and Strategies: Using Census Data for Local Portraits. Concepts, Definitions, and Linkages. Data Available for Local Area Analysis. Strategies of Presentation. Analyzing Local Changes: Local Housing Conditions. Marital Status, Family, and Household Relationships. Population Age Structure. Migration and Residential Mobility. Racial Composition and Change. Measuring Local Income Levels. Extracting Information from Local Microdata: Structuring Analysis with Microdata. Labor Force Analysis in Small Areas. Tabulating and Linking Different Universes. Conclusion. Appendixes. Bibliography. Index.

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