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American Community Issues and Patterns of Development Vol: 8

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11 Sep 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Research in Community Sociology


This analysis of community sociology examines African community issues and patterns of development. Topics covered include: community problems and collective action; community economic development; small communities in transition; ghetto formation and community dynamics; and, heritage and symbolism.
Part 1 Introduction: profiles of American community issues and patterns of development, Dan A. Chekki. Part 2 Community problems and collective action: capital against community, Randy Stoecker; community empowerment and collective action, Gustovo S. Mesch; community readiness for substance abuse prevention - towards a model of collective action, Mark Peyrot, H. Lovell Smith; the process of community/development - action and renewal in Mid-Maine, Margot Kempers. Part 3 Community economic development: residential and employment functions of American suburbs, Sean-Shong Hwang, Steve H. Murdock; local economic development organizations in small and middle-size communities - the case of Wisconsin, Daniel Sullivan; race, consumer characteristics and hiring preferences - the south side of Chicago, Robert Mark Silverman. Part 4 Small communities in transition: historical decline of community satisfaction in U.S. rural communities - a multi-regional analysis of synthetic cohorts, Ralph B. Brown et al; migration and social problems in small towns - an empirical analysis of awareness among rural administrators, Patrick C. Jobes; constructing citizens - childcare choices, legacy and the transmission of community, Andrea Fisher Maril; attitudes toward local government services in small Iowa communities, Terry L. Besser et al. Part 5 Ghetto formation/community dynamics: the black ghetto formation in Oakland, 1852-1965 - social closure and African American community development, Eric S. Brown; moving from the singular to the plural - comparing gay communities in San Francisco and Honolulu, Theresa Montini. Part 6 Heritage and symbolism: five processes of separation - historic communities and the manipulation of representation, Diane Barthel et al; toxic release sites in the ecological symbolism of Nashville, Anthony J. Blasi.

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