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Altruism and Prosocial Behavior in Groups Vol: 26

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17 Apr 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
270 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Advances in Group Processes


In this volume scholars from a variety of disciplines address a range of phenomena related to the general question of when people behave in an altruistic fashion. The specific topics addressed in this volume include how empathy induced altruism can actually be a threat to the some larger collective good, the role of egoism in the production and maintenance of social order, the basis of cooperation in social dilemmas, an evolutionary account of sex differences in the propensity to cooperate, a theoretical analysis of when individuals experience gratitude versus indebtedness in response to receiving help, a new status-driven theory of large scale collective action, a cross-national analysis of institutional versus generalized trust in societies, and how individuals develop expectations for the sanctioning of particular kinds of behaviors. Overall, the volume includes papers that reflect a wide range of theoretical approaches to altruism and prosocial behavior in groups from sociologists and psychologists who work in the general area of group processes.
List of Contributors. Preface. Empathy-induced altruism: A threat to the collective good. The problem of social order: Egoism or autonomy?. Common fate, crisis, and cooperation in social dilemmas. Sex differences in cooperation and prosocial behavior. Differentiating between grateful and indebted reactions to receiving help. A status theory of collective action. Prosocial behavior across cultures: The effects of institutional versus generalized trust. Metanorm expectations: Determining what to sanction. Advances in Group Processes. Altruism and prosocial behavior in groups. Copyright page.

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