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Agricultural Markets: Mechanisms, Failures and Regulations Vol: 234

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05 Jun 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
496 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


This volume aims at covering the variety of issues lying at the intersection of the modern theory of Industrial Organization and of the more traditional Agricultural Economics. The book is divided into three main sections. Each of them includes contributions which are particularly relevant for a better understanding of one or several of the following key issues: the organization of agriculture and its mechanisms, the extent of the market power in agri-food industries and, more generally, the failures of agricultural markets, and finally the nature of government's intervention in these markets.
Introduction. The Economic Organization of Agriculture. Reflections on the economic organization of agriculture: Traditional, modern, and transitional (M. Nerlov). The transaction cost approach to agricultural contracts (D.W. Allen, D. Lueck). Divide and conquer price discrimination in entry games with strategic buyers (R. Innes, R.J. Sexton). Establishing vertical strategic alliances: Case studies and heuristics (W.H. Howard, E. van Duren, H. McKay). Why do firms simultaneously purchase in spot and contract markets? Evidence from the United States steam coal market (F.A. Wolak). The Extent of Market Power in Agri-Food Industries. Dynamic models of oligopoly in rice and coffee export markets (L.S. Karp, J.M. Perloff). New estimates of welfare and consumer losses in U.S. food manufacturing (J.M. Connor, E.B. Peterson). Explaining the causal relationship between farm and retail prices (G.J. Holloway, T.W. Hertel). Cartel quotas under majority rule (J. Cave, S.W. Salant). Government Intervention in Agriculture. Incorporating industrial organization into agricultural trade modelling (S. McCorriston, I.M. Sheldon). Gatt agricultural policy reform: A United States perspective (G. Rausser). Trade and storage (R.W. Anderson). Environmental policies and induced innovation: The case of agriculture (D.G. Abler). Guilty until proven innocent - regulation with costly and limited enforcement (J.E. Swierzbinski).

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