African Economic Development

Emmanuel Nnadozie
African Capacity Building Foundation, Zimbabwe

Afeikhena Jerome
Igbinedion University, Nigeria

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08 May 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
600 pages - 165 x 240mm


When it was published in 2002, the first edition of African Economic Development offered an authoritative statement about economic growth on the continent. Its multidisciplinary regional studies built an analytic framework that served as a cornerstone of the field for over a decade.  

The second edition offers a new collection of authoritative articles for a new age. In a sweeping survey of African economies, leading scholars offer the latest research into the biggest current influences on African growth and development, taking account of relevant institutional contexts as well as significant or unique problems that have slowed Africa's progress. Despite recognizing the factors that have resulted in underdevelopment, however, the contributors paint a hopeful picture of the efforts being made to overcome barriers, and they suggest that a significant reduction of poverty is possible in the near future. Each chapter singles out a particular problem-be it related to demography, geography, politics, climate change, agriculture, or industrialization-and proposes pragmatic solutions that put Africans' needs and capabilities first. Balancing theory and empiricism, and eschewing vague ideological or political language, this book provides an important vantage point from which to herald Africa's elusive dawn. 

For its rigorous scholarship, its unique breadth, and its actionable suggestions for the near future, the second edition of African Economic Development is a must-read for students, researchers, and practitioners of international development.
PART I.  Introduction to Africa and African Economic Development
Chapter 1. Why Study African Economic Development?; Emmanuel Nnadozie 
Chapter 2. Overview of African Development; Emmanuel Nnadozie 
Chapter 3. Definition and Measurement of Economic Growth and Development; Emmanuel Nnadozie and Afeikhena Jerome 
PART II. Africa's Characteristics and Development Challenges 
Chapter 4. Geo-Economy and History; Mario J. Azevedo
Chapter 5. Engines of Growth and Africa's Economic Performance; Marcel Fafchamps
Chapter 6. Climate Change, Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa; Achim Steiner
Chapter 7. Population; Jacob Adetunji
Chapter 8. Poverty and Development; Nick Vink, Norma Tregurtha and Louw Pienaar 
Chapter 9. Growth - Poverty - Inequality Nexus: Towards a Mutually Inclusive Relationship in Africa; Ayodele Odusola 
PART III. Critical Issues 
Chapter 10. Implications of Ethnic Diversity; Paul Collier  
Chapter 11. The Economics of Religious Conversion in Sub-Saharan Africa; Jean-Philippe Platteau
Chapter 12. Institutions and African Economic Development; Augustin Kwasi Fosu 
Chapter 13. Health and Economic Development; Mario J. Azevedo, Akim T. Lukwa and Olufunke Alaba 
Chapter 14. Education and Economic Development; Mario J. Azevedo and Emmanuel Nnadozie
Chapter 15. Leadership and Developments in Africa; John F. E. Ohiorhenuan
Chapter 16. Corruption and Economic Development; John Mukum Mbaku 
PART IV. Sector Analyses 
Chapter 17. Agricultural Transformation and Africa's Economic Development; T. S. Jayne, Rui Benfica, Felix Kwame Yeboah and Jordan Chamberlin 
Chapter 18. Innovative Finance in Africa; Nicholas Biekpe and Odongo Kodongo 
Chapter 19. Africa's Energy Conundrum; Afeikhena Jerome, Emmanuel Nnadozie and David Nabena 
Chapter 20. Reviving Industrialization in Africa; Afeikhena Jerome and Olu Ajaikaye 
PART V. Development Challenges, Policies and Strategies 
Chapter 21. Understanding Migration and Remittances: Lessons for Nigeria; Una Osili 
Chapter 22. Restarting and Sustaining Growth and Development; James S. Duesenberry, Arthur A. Goldsmith, and Malcolm F. McPherson 
Chapter 23. Sub-Saharan Africa's Development Experience and Policy Practice, 1960-2018; Olu Ajakaiye and Afeikhena Jerome 
EMMANUEL NNADOZIE is currently Executive Secretary of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). He was formerly a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, a Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a Professor of Economics at the Truman State University, and served as Chief Economist and Director of Macroeconomic Policy Division for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).
AFEIKHENA JEROME is currently Special Advisor at African Union Commission (AUC), and Professor of Economics at Igbinedion University, Okada, Nigeria. He has also held several distinguished positions including Visiting Scholar, International Monetary Fund, Visiting Fellow, the World Bank, and Senior Associate Fellow, Saint Anthony’s College, Oxford University.

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