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African Economic Development

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01 Jul 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
662 pages - 152 x 229 x 38mm


Growth and development are among the most exciting subjects in economics, and the application of their principles to African economies is both needed and timely. African Economic Development comprises a collection of articles written especially for this volume, which offer an authoritative statement about economic growth and development on the continent. Chapters are grouped together according to the major influences on growth and development and their effects, as well as the significant or unique problems which have slowed or undermined African growth, and the manifestations of development by country or region and by industry. While many books on regional economics become quickly outdated and overly narrow, these multidisciplinary regional studies with an economic bias will be considered cornerstones of the field for some years to come.
P. Kilby, Foreword E. Nnadozie, Preface E. Nnadozie, Introduction to Africa and African Economic Development E. Nnadozie, Why Study African Economic Development? E. Nnadozie, Overview of African Development E. Nnadozie, Definition and Measurement of Growth and Development II. Africa's Characteristics and Development Challenges M.J. Azevedo, Geo-Economy and History M. Fafchamps, Engines of Growth and Africa's Economic Performance J. Adetunji, Population N. Vink and N. Tregurtha, Poverty and Development III. Critical Issues P. Collier, Implications of Ethnic Diversity M.J. Azevedo, Health and Economic Development M.J. Azevedo and E. Nnadozie, Education J.J. Quinn, Democracy and Development K. Gyimah-Brempong, Political Instability E.W. Nafziger, Inequality and Conflict J.M. Mbaku, Corruption and Economic Development IV. Sector Analyses N.O. Tackie, A. Siaway, and N. Baharanyi, Land Tenure, Agriculture, and Economic Development L. Ndikumana, Financial Markets and Economic Development S. Patterson, Saving, Investment, and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa V. Africa and the International Environment V.I. Oguledo, Trade and Economic Development F. Babarinde, Regionalism and Economic Development R.E. Mshomba, Globalization and Development F.A.S.T. Matambalya, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) VI. Development Challenges, Policies, and Strategies S.B. Bower, Economic Policies, Stabilization, and Reforms J.S. Duesenberry, A.A. Goldsmith, and M.F. McPherson, Restarting and Sustaining Growth and Development Glossary Index

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