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Advertising and Differentiated Products Vol: 10

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04 Oct 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Applied Microeconomics


Volume 10 is entitled "Advertising and Differentiated Products", and is part of the annual series "Advances in Applied Microeconomics". The series provides a forum in which researchers disseminate frontier research in applied microeconomics. The volume contains 11 chapters, which cover theoretical and empirical contributions. Four chapters examine theoretical models of incomplete information, product innovations in services, generic advertising, and brand loyalty and price competition. The seven empirical chapters examine both advertising and product differentiation, including generic advertising, advertising bans and the First Amendment, alcoholic beverage advertising, magazines advertising and news stand circulation, product variety in radio broadcasting, mandated exclusive territories, and pricing dynamics in the retail sector.
Effects of advertising on U.S. non-alcoholic beverage demand: Evidence from a two-stage Rotterdam model (H.W. Kinnucan, et al.). The long-run demand for alcoholic beverages and the advertising debate: A cointegration analysis (N.E. Coulson, J.R. Moran, J. P. Nelson). Mandated exclusive territories: Efficiency effects and regulatory selection bias (T.R. Sass, D.S. Saurman). Race and radio: Preference externalities, minority ownership, and the provision of programming to minorities (P. Siegelman, J. Waldfogel). The value of advertising in a magazine bundle (C.A. Depken, D.P. Wilson). Pricing dynamics of multi-product retailers (D. Hosken, D. Matsa, D. Reiffen). Product innovation in services: A framework for analysis (R. Betancourt, D. Gautschi). Asymptotic efficiency in stackelberg markets with incomplete information (J. Zhang, Z. Zhang). Advertising cooperation: Who plays? Who gains? (J. A. Dearden, G. L. Lilien). A model of vertical differentiation, brand loyalty, and persuasive advertising (V.J. Tremblay, C. Martins-Filho). Alcohol advertising and advertising bans: A survey of research methods, results, and policy implications (J.P. Nelson).

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