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Advancing Gender Research Across, Beyond and Through Disciplines and Paradigms Vol: 3

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19 Jan 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
216 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Gender Research


The contributors to this volume, the third in the series, refine ideas that have been part of the conceptual toolkit of gender scholarship from its inception, identifying new challenges to and new applications for the concepts of the public/private dichotomy and of patriarchy.
Advancing gender research across, beyond, and through disciplines and paradigms (M.T. Segal, V. Demos). Gender hierarchy in motel work: a macro-sociological and micro-economic analysis (N.N. Assar). Shifting definitions of the public-private dichotomy: legislative inertia on garment homework in Ontario (K. Mirchandari). Rethinking binary conceptions and social constructions: transgender experiences of gender and sexuality (P. Gagne, R. Tewsbury). Listening to women's voices: toward a comparative politics of women's difference (P. O'Loughlin et al.). Bo tat quan (the) am: women and Vietnam's "Mother Buddha" (M.D. Frenier). A rose is not a Rosa is not a Rosann is not a Rosemary: the many names of Mary Elizabeth Roberts Smith Coolidge (M.J. Deegan).

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