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Advances in Services Marketing and Management Vol: 5

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14 May 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
388 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Services Marketing and Management


This series is dedicated to topics such as service quality, internal marketing, service design, human resources practices and service systems, using theoretical research and the results of empirical studies. This volume concentrates on the effect on information technology on services performance, service quality, new service development, brand loyalty, and fair service. It also covers the relational aspects of services management such as the customer contact, customer-supplier relationships, and the social aspect of customer service loyalty.
A canonical model of consumer evaluations and theoretical bases of expectations, Dawn Lacobucci et al; service quality: the construct, its dimensionality and its measurement, Jozee Lapierre; the productivity paradox is false - information technology improves services performance, James Brian Quinn; time perceptions in service systems - an overview of the TPM framework, Linda V. Green et al; the antecedents of brand switching, brand loyalty and verbal responses to service failure, Laurette Dube, Manfried Maute; tight and loose comprehensive customer contact (3C) plans, David A. Collier; development of the service system in a manual service firm - a case study of the Danish ISS, Jon Sundbo; cooperation in new service development - social dynamic approach, Ariane M. von Raesfeld et al; the fundamentals of relationships - an exploration of the concept to guide marketing implementation, Daphne E. Sheaves, James G. Barnes; friendship over the counter - how social aspects of service encounters influence consumer service loyalty, Cathy Goodwin, Dwayne D, Gremler; critical incidents in internal customer-supplier relationships - results of an empirical study, Patricia Neuhaus; service quality in professional business services - a relationship approach, Aino Halinen; about the editors; about the contributors.

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