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Advances in Positive Organization Vol: 1

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06 Jun 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology
This volume attempts to build a bridge between POB and Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS). Similar to POB, but different from positive psychology, the primary emphasis of POS is on the workplace and on the accomplishment of work-related outcomes. The volume includes contributions from both fields, and theories and studies in which a positive individual perspective (POB) is combined with a positive organization perspective (POS).
List of Contributors. Taming the Waves and Wild Horses of Positive Organizational Psychology. Advances in Positive Organizational Scholarship. Looking Back and Glimpsing Forward: The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions as Applied to Organizations. Self-Determination Theory’s Contribution to Positive Organizational Psychology. The Job Demands–Resources Model: Overview and Suggestions for Future Research. Does Personality Matter? A Review of Individual Differences in Occupational Well-Being. Psychological Capital Theory: Toward a Positive Holistic Model. Toward a More Contextual, Psychological, and Dynamic Model of Emotional Intelligence. The Role of Mindfulness in Fostering Transformational Learning in Work Settings. Organizational Socialization and Newcomers’ Psychological Capital and Well-Being. Work Engagement and the Positive Power of Meaningful Work. Who is Proactive and Why? Unpacking Individual Differences in Employee Proactivity. Job Crafting and Cultivating Positive Meaning and Identity in Work. Work–Family Enrichment: A Systematic Review of Antecedents, Outcomes, and Mechanisms. Capturing the Moment in the Workplace: Two Methods to Study Momentary Subjective Well-Being. About the contributors. Author Index. Subject Index. Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology. Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology. Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology. Copyright page.

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