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Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets Vol: 5

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22 Nov 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
364 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets


Advances in Pacific Basin Financial Markets
Overview (T. Bos, T. Fetherston). Instututional Arrangements and Market Microstructure. Financial innovation in Taiwan: the engineering of treasury bond margin contracts (E. Chow, Pu Liu). Financial fragility and recent developments in the Japanese safety net (A. Horiuchi). A contingent-claim approach to the joint decision of the flat-rate deposit insurance and risk-based capital regulation (Pi-Hiu Ting et al.). Election of an index for stock index futures: the Indian case (M. Thiripalraju et al.). Foreign exchange traders in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore: a survey study (Yin-Wong Cheung, C. Yuk-Pang Wong). Reducing multinational corporation's foreign exchange risk and financing cost by sourcing debt from Asia Pacific national provident funds: a model for thought (D. Dayananda). Quoted and effective spreads on Taiwan stocks (S. Ghon Rhee, Chi-Jeng Wang). Delivery options and hedging effectiveness (Shang-Wu Yu). Market efficiency empirics. The instability of intercountry equity returns: implications for the efficient frontier (T. Bos, T. Fetherston). An analysis of dual-listed stocks on the SES and the KLSE: 1991-1996 (D.K. Ding). The signaling impact of the suspension of trading in China's treasury bond futures (W.P. Poon, M. Firth). Stock returns and volatility: international evidence (K. Paudyal, L. Saldanha). An examination of long-run overreaction in three Far-Eastern capital markets (Kuang-Hua Wang et al.). Investment Performance Scenarios. Institutional shareholdings and the financial structure and performance of firms (M. Firth). The wealth effects to Japanese firms from international joint ventures (Enyang Guo et al.). A test of the diversification benefits of multinational companies in a New Zealand based portfolio (A.T. Rad et al.). An empirical study of forecasting power of turnover and book-to-price for stock returns in Taiwan (Her-Jiun Sheu, Kuang-Ping Ku). Pacific Basin mutual fund (G. Pushner, D. Coogan).

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