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Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics, and Finance Vol: 4

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01 Mar 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance


This is the fourth volume in a series designed to be of interest to all those involved in the business, economic or financial affairs of the Pacific Basin.
List of contributors. Switching arch models of stock market volatility in Taiwan (S-W. Chen, J-L. Lin). The determinants of capital structure for small and medium enterprises in Taiwan (H-C. Kuo, L-H. Wang and S-S. Wu). On the predictive power of the Black-Scholes formula: evidence from Taiwan (G. Yen, E-C. Yen). How do monetary variation and nonneutrality relate to credit availability? (Y. Wu). A cautionary note on extracting priced factors in the conventional arbitrage pricing model (L-H. Wang et al.). Incentive-based financing contract for small and medium business: design and survey (Y-H. Yeh, C-E. Ko and T-S. Lee). Equity style classification and investing strategy: the application of artificial neural networks (C-H. Shen et al.). Dynamic index option trading strategies: direct forecasting versus option pricing (A-S. Chen, C. Yeuh-Chung). Asia's new form of industrial organization: The town and village enterprises in China (K.A. Tourk). "hot-issue" markets: Taiwan experience (C. Chen, T-H. Lin). Strategic financing for international business expansion (C-M. Chuang, T-L. Chang and P.P. Li). The monthly effect in Taiwan: a robustness examination (C-P. Lin). Market structure and performance in Taiwan's banking industry (S-L. Jang, C-H. Peng). Alternative conditional volatility models of Taiwan's stock market with applications to covered warrants (C-S Lee, H. Chung). Financial markets integration and segmentation under regional economic blocs: a dynamic conditional correlation approach (B-N. Huang, C-W. Yang). Valuation of cross-currency two-way equity swaps without currency risks (Y-C. Chiang, L-K. Hu and S-L. Liao). Risk-adjusted deposit insurance premiums for new banks in Taiwan (Y-F. Yao).

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