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Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance Vol: 2

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25 Jun 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
372 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance


This second volume in the series discusses such topics as the implications of mainland China and Taiwan's joining GATT on cross straits economic relations and capital structure, market fundamentals and stock returns.
Implications of mainland China and Taiwan's joining GATT on cross straits economic relations, Wuu Long Lin; regulating futures trading in mainland China - a reflection, Raymond Chiang; the Futures Market in mainland China - a growing perspective, Tian Yuan; the embryonic development of a Stock Exchange in communist China - the Shanghai Securities Exchange, Chuen Mei, Liang Shang Fan; seasonality in international portfolio diversification, Gordon Y.N. Tang, Johnny K.H. Kwok; capital structure, market fundamentals and stock reforms, Chau Chen Yang; international diversification - a focus on the Pacific Rim, J. Kenton Zunwalt, Christopher A. Parrillo; empirical investigation on the efficiency of the Hong Kong traded warrants market, Kam Hong Kwok; the cost structure of Philippines banks, Ming Hua Liu et al; a study of the financial deregulation and internationalization in Taiwan, the Republic of China, Peter Pei-Ta Yang; the integration of international capital markets, Chunchi Wu, Yong-Chern Su; bringing futures to Asia, K.C. Leong; does the underpricing of unseasoned new issues profitable opportunity? an aggregate empirical analysis, Eva C. Yen, Gill Yen; international cooperation on competition policy - issues, existing models and implications for Asia-Pacific countries, Rong-I Wu, Yun-Peng Chu; environmental responsibility and disclosures in the global business environment, Bikki Jaggi; Japanese toehold investment in U.S. companies - some empirical evidence, Cral R. Chen, Nancy J. Mohan; the Sino-British accord and the changing industrial structure of Hong Kong, Ira Horowitz; on the determinants of mergers in the manufacturing sector - Japan versus the United States, Chen Kun-Ming, Gili yen; public pensions and factor intensity of manufacturing in Taiwan, Jain-Rong Su et al; re-examining the hedging behaviour and investor's risk aversion in the currency Futures Markets - mean-variance versus extended Mean-Gini approach, Dar-Yeh Hwang et al.

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