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Advances in Management Accounting Vol: 26

Marc J. Epstein
Rice University (Retired), USA

Mary A. Malina
University of Colorado Denver, USA

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11 Apr 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting publishes thoughtful, well-developed articles across a broad spectrum of current topics in the field of management accounting, using a variety of research methods including survey research, field tests, corporate case studies and modeling. Volume 26 exemplifies the broad scope of Advances in Management Accounting, examining a number of areas within management accounting.
Presentation Formats, Performance Outcomes, and Implications for Performance Evaluations - Lasse Mertins and Lourdes Ferreira White Turnover and Unit-Level Financial Performance: An Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Voluntary and Involuntary Turnover in Unskilled Jobs - James W. Hesford, Mary A. Malina and Mina Pizzini The Association between the Use of Management Accounting Practices with Organizational Change and Organizational Performance - Nuraddeen Abubakar Nuhu, Kevin Baird and Ranjith Appuhami How Management Control Practices Enable Strategic Alignment during the Product Development Process - Chris Akroyd, Sharlene Sheetal Narayan Biswas and Sharon Chuang Methods for Cost Management during Product Development: A Review and Comparison of Different Literatures - Marc Wouters, Susana Morales, Sven Grollmuss and Michael Scheer Additional Evidence on the Sticky Behavior of Costs - Chandra Subramaniam and Marcia Weidenmier Watson
Edited by Marc J. Epstein, Rice University (retired), USA Mary A. Malina, University of Colorado Denver, USA

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