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Advances in Management Accounting Vol: 25

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20 Jul 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 21mm
Advances in Management Accounting
Advances in Management Accounting publishes thoughtful, well-developed articles across a broad spectrum of current topics in the field of management accounting, using a variety of research methods including survey research, field tests, corporate case studies and modeling. Volume 25 exemplifies the broad scope of Advances in Management Accounting, examining a number of key areas in management accounting.
Antecedents of Participative Budgeting – A Review of Empirical Evidence. Societal Role Expectations of Management Accounting Professionals: An Australian Study. The Effect of a Leader’s Reputation on Budgetary Slack. Information Systems Integration and Firm Profitability: Mediating Effect of Cost Management Strategy. Measuring the Impact of the 2007–2009 Financial Crisis on the Performance and Profitability of U.S. Regional Banks. The Moderating Effects of Power Distance on the Budgetary Participation–Performance Relationship. An Empirical Examination of the Relationship between Top Executive Compensation and Firm Performance in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Period. The Effects of Organizational Culture and Structure on the Success of Activity-Based Costing Implementation. The Impact of Improved Costing Methods on Customer Portfolio Management Activities. Copyright page. EDITORIAL BOARD. Advances in management accounting. Introduction. List of Contributors. Advances in management accounting. Advances in management accounting. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE AND REVIEW PROCEDURES. EDITORIAL POLICY AND MANUSCRIPT FORM GUIDELINES.

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