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Advances in Librarianship Vol: 30

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30 Nov 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
448 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
Advances in Librarianship
The 30th volume of "Advances in Librarianship" acknowledges changes in the profession over three and a half decades, while continuing a tradition of identifying new trends and innovations. The contributing authors were invited especially to celebrate the history of the past thirty-six years by reflecting, as appropriate, on advances made in their topic since the first volume of the series was published in 1970. The twelve chapters in this volume can be loosely grouped into four sections reflecting basic themes in librarianship: tracing issues in communication: relevance and freedom of expression; focusing on library services and resources; tailoring services to different user groups; and educating the profession for the future. Together these offer a milestone in the retrospective view of advances in librarianship. It examines changes and developments over the past three decades. The four sections are: Tracing issues in communication: Relevance and Freedom of Expression, Focusing on library services and resources, Tailoring services to different user groups, and Educating the profession for the future.
Tracing Issues in Communication: Relevance and Freedom of Expression Relevance: A Review of the Literature and a Framework for Thinking on the Notion in Information Science. Part II (Saracevic); Intellectual Freedom in Libraries: Then and Now (Cohen and Minow); Focusing on Library Services and Resources Reference ServiceFrom Certainty to Uncertainty (Rettig); Progress in Health Sciences Librarianship: 1970-2005 (Cogdill); Oral History: Prospects and a Retrospective (Fogerty); Library Buildings at the Threshold of Change (Jones); Tailoring Services to Different User Groups The Burden of Being Special: Adding Clarity about Communicating to Researching and Servicing Users, Special and Otherwise (Dervin, Reinhard, and Kerr); Progress in School Library Media Programs: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? And Where Are We Going? (McCarthy); The Undergraduate Library and Its Librarians in the Large Research University: Responding to Change to Remain Vital and Relevant (Lucas) Educating the Profession for the Future Library Professionals for the 21st Century Academy (Barlow and Aversa); The CLIR Fellowship and Academic Librarianship, or Frodo Meets Google (Rentfrow); Quality Assurance in Library and Information Science (LIS) Schools: Major Trends and Issues (Tammaro).

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