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Advances in Learning and Behavioural Disabilities Vol: 12

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19 Nov 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


The focus of this book series is to identify and review classroom issues and outcomes associated with behavioral concerns of students with learning and behavioral disabilities. 

Internationally prominent scholars address contemporary topics such as grade retention, bullying and harassment, response-to-intervention and universal systems in relation to how students with learning and behavioral disabilities are affected by them. Additionally, the scholars describe and discuss future directions for treatments such as social skills instruction, cognitive-behavioral prevention, social emotional learning programs, and self-monitoring.
Covariance in learning disability and behavior disorder: an examination of classification and placement issues (K.A. Kavale, S.R. Forness). Understanding identification, placement, and school completion rates for children with disabilities: the influence of economic, demographic, and educational variables (M.J. Coutinho, D.P. Oswald). A selective synthesis of single subject design intervention research on students with learning disabilities (H.L. Swanson et al.). Reflections of current attainments and future directions in writing intervention research in learning disabilities (B.Y.L. Wong). research on metacognition in special education (M. Montague). Addition practice with math disabled students improves subtraction and multiplication performance (J.M. Royer, L.N. Tronsky). Metacognition and learning disabilities in mathematics (D. Lucangeli, C. Cornoldi). Mathematical word problem solving: a synthesis of intervention research for students with learning disabilities (D. Pedrotty Rivera et al.).

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