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Advances in International Comparative Management Vol: 12

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02 Aug 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
294 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in International Management
This volume introduces the AICM Distinguished Scholar Award and Research Forum which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding scholarly contributions to the cross-national or cross-cultural study of organizations and management. This volume offers an important article by Professor Harry C. Triandis of the University of Illinois who was the recipient of the 1998 AICM Distinguished Scholar Award, with commentaries by leading researchers in the areas of international organizational behavior and human resource management. Additional articles cover a wide range of management topics with an international focus, including: organizational risk taking, corporate governance, performance appraisal, distributive justice values, strategic human resource management, and expatriate performance. These articles, along with the Research Forum papers, present a rich diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches and represent some of the best thinking in the field.
List of contributors. Reviewer acknowledgment. Notice to authors. Preface (J.L.C. Cheng, R.B. Peterson). Research Forum. Introduction and interview with Harry C. Triandis, recipient of the 1998 AICM Distinguished Scholar Award (J.L.C. Cheng, R.B. Peterson). Vertical and horizontal individualism and collectivism: theory and research implications for international comparative management (H.C. Triandis). Commentary: the theory of vertical and horizontal individualism and collectivism: implications for international human resource management (W.F. Cascio). In cultural context: applying Triandis's Typology to Organizational Face Theory (P.C. Earley). Commentary: implications of vertical and horizontal individualism and collectivism for leadership effectiveness (P.W. Dorfman). Commentary: the cross-cultural design and management of high reliability organizations and systems of organizations: conceptual help from the Triandis Review (K.H. Roberts). Postscript (H.C. Triandis). Articles. Organizational risk-taking behavior in differing institutional environments: a comparison of managers in the United States and the Czech Republic (A.C. Stewart, M.V. Makhija). Research on corporate governance: a comparison of Germany, Japan, and the United States (R. Buhner et al.). The impact of national culture on human resource management practices: the case of performance appraisal (J. Milliman et al.). A comparative study of Chinese and US distributive justice values, goals, and allocative behaviors (D.J. Miller et al.). A partial test of a model of strategic international human resource management (S. Taylor et al.). The expatriate experience: a critical review and synthesis (D.C. Thoma). Erratum.

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