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Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations Vol: 11

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12 Mar 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations


Continuing to provide forward-thinking industrial relations research, Volume 11 of "Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations" (AILR) features studies of EEOC and FMCS mediation approaches and effectiveness; union organizing, political effectiveness and internal democracy; the effects of broad-based stock option plans on the performance of unionized and non-union companies; and 21st century prospects for a new baby boom generation, employee-driven corporate governance, and global labour markets. These studies offer a variety of disciplinary perspectives, research designs, and analytic methods, yet they all contain important findings, some quantitative and some qualitative, as well as conclusions about key aspects of contemporary industrial relations.
Has the EEOC hit a home run? An evaluation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Mediation Program from the participants' perspective, E.P. McDermott et al; Resolving conflict - tactics of federal mediators, P.M. Mareschal; Broad-based employee stock options - a union-nonunion comparison, M.K. Kroumova et al; Consenting to be governed: union transformation and teamster democracy, R. Bruno; Revitalizing AFL-CIO political outreach: can a direct informational campaign do the trick?, R. Zullo; The fears of resource standardization and the creation of an adversarial workplace climate - the struggle to organize a faculty union at Illinois State University, V.G. Devinatz; The aging work force and the next turning point, D.J.B. Mitchell; From workplace to corporate governance - leveraging worker assets in the 21st century, S.R. Sleigh; Globalization - some implications for 21st century US labor markets, K. McLennan.

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