Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, 2017: Shifts in Workplace Voice, Justice, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Contemporary Workplaces Vol: 24

David Lewin
University of California Los Angeles, USA

Paul J. Gollan
University of Wollongong, Australia

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02 Feb 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
264 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations
Volume 24 of Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations (AILR) contains eight papers highlighting important aspects of the employment relationship. The papers deal with such themes as shifts in workplace voice, justice, negotiation and conflict resolution in contemporary workplaces. Consistent with previous AILR volumes, the papers in Volume 24 reflect a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods, including case studies, survey, interviews, historiography, theory building, and longitudinal and cross-sectional research designs and analysis. These papers also reflect a global perspective on workplace issues. The specific topics of these papers include social construction of workarounds, workplace dispute resolution, employee involvement at Delta Air Lines, voice and empowerment practice in an Australian manufacturing company, democracy and union militancy and revitalization, adapting union administrative practices to new realities, pro-social and self-interest motivations for unionism and implications for unions as institutions, and high performance work systems and union impacts on employee turnover intention in China.
Introduction; David Lewin and Paul J. Gollan The Social Construction of Workarounds; Benjamin B. Dunford and Matthew Perrigino 
Workplace Dispute Resolution: What Guidance Does Existing Research Provide?; Jonathan Hamberger 
Great in Theory But Tough in Practice: Insights on Sustaining Advanced Employee Involvement at Delta Air Lines; Bruce E. Kaufman 
Voice as Empowerment Practice: The Case of An Australian Manufacturing Company; Hector Viveros, Senia Kalfa and Paul J. Gollan 
Democracy, Militancy, and Union Revitalization, the DeMReV Model of Union Renewal: A Sustainable, Strategic Model Expanding on Voss and Sherman; Jerry A. Carbo, Steven J. Hasse and M. Blake Hargrove 
Adapting Union Administrative Practices to New Realities: Results of a Twenty-Year Longitudinal Study; Paul Whitehead, Paul F. Clark and Lois S. Gray 
Pro-Social and Self-Interest Motivations for Unionism and Implications for Unions as Institutions; Jack Fiorito, Irene Padavic and Zachary A. Russell 
Can HPWS and Unions Work Together to Reduce Employee Turnover Intention in Foreign MNCs in China?; Ying Chen, Yun-Kyoung Kim, Zhiqiang Liu, Guofeng Wang and Guozhen Zhao

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