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Advances in Hospitality and Leisure Vol: 10

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19 Sep 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Advances in Hospitality and Leisure


AHL strives to address the needs of the populace willing to disseminate seminal ideas, concepts, and theories derived from scholarly inquiries. Potential readers may retrieve useful texts helping outline new research agendas, suggest viable topics for a dissertation work, and augment the knowledge of the new subjects of learning.
Macroeconomic and Non-Macroeconomic Variables Linking to Singapore Hotel Stock Returns. Empirical Investigation on Environmental Management Systems in German Hotels. Hospitality Consumers’ Innovativeness: A Qualitative Study. An Optimal Queuing Wait for Visitors’ Most Favorite Ride at Theme Parks. Evaluation of Green Hotel Guests’ Behavioral Intention. An Analysis of Risk Perceptions in a Tropical Destination and a Suggested Risk Destination Risk Model. Analysis of Residents’ Social Identity, Tourism Engagement, and Propensity for Tourism Advocacy. Feminine Leadership, its Perception and Urgency: A Research Study Held Amongst Hotel Managers. Sustainable and Attractive Motorised Nature-Based Experiences: Challenges and Opportunities. Do Customers’ Intrinsic Characteristics Matter in their Evaluations of a Restaurant Service?. Subject Index. List of Contributors. Aims and Submission Guidelines. EDITORIAL BOARD. Copyright page. Advances in hospitality and leisure. Advances in hospitality and leisure. Advances in hospitality and leisure.

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