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Advances in Group Processes Vol: 15

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27 Jul 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Group Processes


"Advances in Group Processes" publishes theoretical, review, and empirically-based papers on group phenomena. The series adopts a broad conception of 'group processes' consistent with prevailing ones in the social psychological literature. In addition to topics such as status processes, group structure, and decision making, the series considers work on interpersonal behaviour in dyads (i.e. the smallest group). Contributors to the series include not only sociologists but also scholars from other disciplines, such as psychology and organizational behaviour.
Sexual orientation and occupation as status (M. Webster Jr. et al.). Sentiment and task performance expectations (M.H. Fisek, J. Berger). Some developments in expectation states theory: graduated expectations? (R.K. Shelly). Double standards: types, conditions, and consequences (M. Foschi). Need as a basis for reward allocation (B.F. Meeker). Judging the consequences of evaluation by others in status heterogeneous groups: biases in the microlevel heuristics of group information exchange (S.D. Silver, L. Troyer). An experimental investigation of motives and information in the prisoner's dilemma game (M.J.G. Cain). Dependence and cooperation in the game of trump (R.T. Boone, M.W. Macy). Power distribution in conflict networks: an extension of elementary theory to conflict networks (J. Szmatka, J. Mazur). Understanding the nature of scope conditions: some considerations and consequences, including hybrid theories as a step forward (G. Tootell et al.).

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