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Advances in Global Leadership Vol: 5

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23 Jul 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 36mm
Advances in Global Leadership
The urgency of a deeper understanding of the nature and development of leaders who can be effective across multiple contexts and national boundaries has never been more apparent. "The Advances in Global Leadership Series" seeks to contribute to this understanding by presenting original papers by academics, practitioners and consultants actively engaged in global leadership from multiple perspectives. Volume 5 of this series includes chapters on: personality, leadership and globalization; the roles of international experience, experiential learning, and cultural intelligence in developing global leaders; an integrative framework for assessing, coaching and developing global leaders; developing balanced global leadership teams; leadership in strategic alliances; leadership in the Mid-East, Korea and Europe; leadership and environmental scanning; and, ethical leadership. Authors of this title come from China, Ireland, Korea, Singapore, U.K. and USA.
Preface. Introduction – Global leadership in times of crisis and downturn: A leopard in uncharted deep woods. Personality, Leadership, and Globalization: Linking Personality to Global Organizational Effectiveness. Leadership competencies: Differences in patterns of potential across eleven European countries as a function of gender and managerial experience. Reconceptualizing executive environmental scanning and search: Implications for international leadership research and practice. From error prevention to error learning: The role of error management in global leadership. Culture, corruption, and the endorsement of ethical leadership. Developing balanced leadership team – An ultimate challenge in global companies succeeding in a hyper-competitive global economy. The Meaning and Importance of Leadership in Strategic Alliances. An integrated framework for assessing, coaching and developing global leaders. Developing global leaders: The role of international experience and cultural intelligence. An examination of the role of experiential learning in the development of cultural intelligence in global leaders. Leadership assessment and development in the mid-East. Assumptions in Korean organizations and their implications in a cross-cultural setting. Servant leadership in China: Conceptualization and measurement. Conclusions. About the Editors. About the contributors. Dedication. Advances in Global Leadership. Advances in global leadership Volume 5. Copyright page.

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