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Advances in Futures and Options Research Vol: 9

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19 Nov 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Advances in Futures and Options Research


Part of a series which focuses on advances in futures and options research, this volume discusses a variety of topics in the field.
An option-based approach to analyzing financial contracts with multiple indenture provisions (D.Rich, R. Leipus). Using stock price as numeraire in option pricing models with non-constant volatility (A. Li). The skewness premium: option pricing under asymmetric processes (D.S. Bates). Negative option values implicit in extendible Canadian Treasury Bonds (G. Athanassakos, P. Carayannopoulos and Yison Tian). Valuation of options on several risky assets when there are transactions costs (P.P. Boyle, Xiaodon Lin). Average Inter-security correlation coefficients: implications for the timing of hedging decisions (R. Brooks, J.M. Clark). Numeraire invariance and generalized risk neutral valuation (A. Kocic). The valuation of default risk in corporate bonds and interest rate swaps (S.S. Nielsen, E.I. Ronn). Testing term structure estimation methods (R.R. Bliss). Currency-translated foreign equity options: the American case (K.B. Toft, E.S. Reiner). The valuation of American options with the method of lines (G.H. Meyer, J. can der Hoek). The latest range (A.L. Tucker, J.Z. Wei).

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