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Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting Vol: 10

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18 Dec 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
270 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting


In this issue, there are thirteen high-quality and interesting papers to deal with the issue of Financial Analysis, Planning and Forecasting. Out of these thirteen papers, we can classify them into two major groups i.e. Risk Analysis and Financial Evaluation Models. The Risk Analysis group includes five papers as follows: time-varying accounting betas and risk estimation for thinly traded stocks: Finnish evidence; additional evidence on managerial ownership and risk taking behavior in banking industry; a DSS approach to managing the risks of online trading; estimating exchange rate exposure of U.S. MNC's operating in South America; analyzing the risks inherent in the Proctor and Gamble-Bankers trust levered swap contract. The financial evaluation models group consists of seven papers as follows: contextual accrual and cash flow based valuation models: impact of multinationality and corporate reputation; predicting changes in cash flow; valuing repurchasing corporations with the discounted dividend model: theory and application; the role of taxes in the composition of the firm's retirement plans; the valuation of the multinationality of U.S. multinational firms; cross-classification models: comparative empirical findings; and an extension of break-even analysis for financial planning. In addition to these two groups, there is a paper using survey approach to banking operations entitled 'Organizational Features, Operating Procedures, and Overdue Loans': empirical findings from a Commercial Bank's opinion survey in Taiwan. In summary, this issue is useful for readers who are interested in risk analysis and alternative financial evaluation models.
Time-Varying Accounting Betas and Risk Estimation for Thinly Traded Stocks: Finnish Evidence (J. Juntila, J.P. Kallunki and T. Martikainen. Contextual Accrual and Cash Flow Based Valuation MOdels: Impact of Multi nationality and Corporate Reputation (A.R.Belkaoui). Valuing Repurchasing Corporations with the Discounted Dividend Model: Theory and Application (Douglas J. Lamdin). The Role of Taxes in the Composition of the Firm's Retirement Plans (H.A. Mazes). Predicting Changes in Cash Flow (H and P. Espahbodi, R. Espahbodi and E. Mansfield). Additional Evidence on Managerial Ownership and Risk Taking Behavior in Banking Industry (S.W. Lee). A DDS Approach to Managing the Risks of Online Trading (C.T. Hsieh, B. Lin, L. Cheng-Few). Estimating Exchange Rate Exposure of U.S. MNCs Operating in South America (A.D. Martin and P.M. Poli). Organizational Features, Operating Procedures and Overdue Loans: Empirical Findings from a Commercial Bank's Opinion Survey in Taiwan (N.N.H. Liao and G. Yen). The Valuation of the Multi nationality of U.S. Multinational Firms (A.R.Belkaoui). Cross-Classification Models: Comparative Empirical Findings (A. G. Maggina). Financial Analysis, Planning and Forecasting for Anheuser-Busch Companies (J. Rich).

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