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Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting Vol: 9

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18 Oct 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 150 x 231 x 30mm
Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting


Part of a series which focuses on advances in futures and options research, this volume discusses a variety of topics in the field.
Production, self-organized criticality, and stock prices: further evidence against random walk (A. Chandra, S. Agrawal and K. Wiesenfeld). Mathematical programming and portfolio optimizations: a clarification (M.J. Tarrazo). The importance of reliability in realizing returns (S. Ng, Y-K Ng). Deregulation and the market valuation of earnings and assets for electric utilities (E.T. Nwaeze). A flotation-cost adjusted capital asset pricing model (J.L. Heck, S.J. Cochran). Association between accounting and market-based variables: a canonical correlation approach with U.S. data (T. Salmi et al.). Financial distress and firm value (R.B. Whitaker). The "green shoe" and other factors impacting the issuance of IPOs (R.J. Kish, K.M. Hogan and G.T. Olson). Empirical dynamic stochastic models for firm dividends (E.P. Kao, P. Kumar). The dynamic classification of financial ratios: evidence from Europe of a simplified factor structure (J.L. Gallizo, P. Gargallo and M. Salvador). Forward exchange market efficiency revisited: robust cointegration testing and dynamic rationality (R. Varadan et al.). Short and long run tests of the Fisher hypothesis (K. Shrestha, S.S Chen). An alternative explanation of the market reaction to dividend changes (H. Manakyan, K. Liano and G.C. Huang).

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