Advances in Financial Economics Vol: 6

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30 Mar 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Advances in Financial Economics


Advances in Financial Economics publishes peer reviewed quality manuscripts on any aspects of financial economics including corporate finance, financial institutions and markets and microeconomics.
On the existence of sub-standard security markets: the IPOs of blinder-robinson (J.S. Ang, S.L. Brown). Is managerial equity ownership an alternative governance mechanism for Japanese firms? (S.P. Ferris, K.A. Kim, P. Kitsabunnarat). The influence of managerial reputation on dividend smoothing (K.P. Fuller). Effects of harmful environmental events on reputation of firms (K. Jones, P.H. Rubin). Executive compensation and executive contributions to corporate PACS (K.A. Farrell, P.L. Hersch, J.M. Netter). The wealth effects of board composition and ownership structure in international acquisitions (S. Sundaram, I. Chhachii, S. Rosenstein). Corporate bankruptcy, private creditors, and the market for corporate control (M.B. Slovin, M.E. Sushka, E.R. Waller). The role of federal law enforcement actions in coroporate governance (M. Hirschey, E. Jones). Empirical evidence on determinants of capital structure (T. Jandik, A.K. Makhija).

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