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Advances in Ecopolitics Vol: 2

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01 Jan 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
117 pages - 150 x 225 x 6.2mm
Advances in Ecopolitics
Advances in Ecopolitics includes a range of publications which each discuss a significant element in the environmental theory which now represent an important aspect of sustainable living.  

This series has now got a new title: Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice.  

Editorial Objectives 
This series provides a series of insights into real alternatives to the current economic malaise, with an examination of key themes such as transition towns, sustainable utopias, co-operative farming, sustainability and activism, ecofeminism, green protectionism, intentional communities, environmental justice, environmental movements, green philosophies, politics and green economics.  

The series provides a series of environmental alternatives which require our fullest consideration in light of the ongoing economic downturn which has accompanied the latest incarnation of unsustainable practices. It provides a forum for debate about a positive set of sustainable alternatives which set out an understanding that 'another world is possible'. 

Key Benefits 
This book series is essential reading for all academics, researchers and practioners who are involved in the areas of environmentalism, and it: Acts as a forum for debate and enables the publication of papers which establish understanding of environmentalism and sustainability Provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of peer reviewed knowledge on the widest extent of environmental and ecological issues Allows for the establishment of working networks of environmental academics from across the globe 

Key Audiences 
This series particularly encourages academics, researchers and practitioners from Europe, North America, and from developing nations to share their experience, knowledge and practices with an international audience. Contributors from across the globe that focus on issues and research which will affect and inform ecopolitical studies are welcome to submit work for consideration in the series.  

The series encourages well-written articles with the focus on interdisciplinary, international and comparative standpoints on contemporary management issues. Coverage includes, but is not restricted to:
  • Ecological politics 
  • Sustainable development 
  • Environmental philosophy 
  • Green party politics 
  • Environmental economics 
  • Environmental movements 
  • Ecofeminism 
  • Sustainable living practices
Editors, Advisory Board and Review Board. Ecofeminism and a politics of performative affinity. Transition Towns. Environmental Exploitation. Return to the Villages. Green Ireland? The Dilemma of Justice. Commentary.

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