Advances in Biological Psychiatry Vol: 2

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16 Dec 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
Advances in Biological Psychiatry


This series aims to update major areas of biological psychiatry and summarize important research conducted since the 1980s. It also highlights recent approaches that allow researchers to quantify normal and abnormal brain functions at a high level of precision.
Contents. List of Contributors. Introduction (J. Panksepp). Emotion and Therapeutic Change (L.M. Korman and L.S. Greenberg). Emotional and Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Brain Damage (R.G. Robinson). What Functional Imaging Has Revealed about the Brain Basis of Mood and Emotion (M.S. George, T.A. Ketter, T.A. Kimbrell, J.M. Steedman, and R.M. Post). Biological Trait Markers of Depression (L.L. Davis, G.L. Kramer, A.J. Rush, and F. Petty). Sleep Abnormalities in Major Psychiatric Illnesses: Polysomnographic and Clinical Features (A.B. Douglass). Cortico-Straital Substrates of Cognitive, Motor and Sensory Gating: Speculations and Implications for Psychological Function and Dysfunction (N.R. Swerdlow). Modern Approaches to Understanding Fear: From Laboratory to Clinical Practice (J. Panksepp). Index.

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