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Advances in Austrian Economics Vol: 4

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21 Oct 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
258 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Austrian Economics


Advances in Austrian Economics connects the Austrian tradition of economics with other research traditions in economics and related areas. Each volume attempts to apply the insights of Austrian economics and related approaches to topics that are of current interest in economics and cognate disciplines. 

The edited volume approach delivers ideas from multiple contributors in one book, providing a forum for variety and contrasting perspectives among those working in these areas. As such, Advances fills an important niche in the world of Austrian economics. 

Austrian school economists are the primary audience, but this series will appeal to people working in a variety of positions in economics and related disciplines. Those working in public choice, new institutionalism, cognitive or behavior economics, entrepreneurship, and other areas will find value in the series. 

Areas of coverage are quite open, as long as there remains a connection to the ideas associated with the Austrian school, broadly interpreted.
Part I. Symposium on Austrian Macroeconomics. The economics of time and money: an introduction to a symposium on Austrian macroeconomics (S. Horwitz). Austrian and monetarist business cycle theories: substitutes or complements? (L.J. Sechrest). The theory of business fluctuations: new Keynesians, old monetarists, and Austrians (P.J. Shah). Capital and time: variations on a Hicksian theme (P. Lewin). Toward an Austrian theory of expectations (W.N. Butos). The regulation of bank capital adequacy (K. Dowd). Part II. Symposium on the Crisis of Economic Theory. The crisis of vision in modern economic thought: a symposium (P.J. Boettke). The crisis of vision in modern economic thought: some questions from the left (A. Callari). Beyond science: the economists' enterprise (J.M. Buchanan). The problem of vision in economics: a review essay (W. Samuels). The crisis of vision in modern economic thought: an Austrian economist's perspective (I.M. Kirzner). Part III. Current Research. Adolph Lowe and the Austrians (M. Forstater). Austrian insights and the theory of the firm (N. Foss). Francis Newman and the "Austrian" critique of socialism (J. Shearmur). Part IV. Review Essays. Lachmann's plan, and its lesson: comment on Lavoie (D.L. Prychitko). On regrouping the intellectual capital structure of Lachmann's economics (D. Lavoie). The dangers that court Hermeneutics: rejoinder to Lavoie (D.L. Prychitko). How entrepreneurs learn: a review of David Harper's entrepreneurship and the market process (I. Pongracic). Part V. Book Reviews. U. Maki, B. Gustafsson, and Knudsen, Eds.,. Rationality institutions and economic methodology (R. Koppl).

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