Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations Vol: 22

Thomas G. Calderon
University of Akron, USA

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14 Dec 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Accounting Education
Advances in Accounting Education is a refereed, academic research publication whose purpose is to help meet the needs of faculty members interested in ways to improve accounting classroom instruction at the college and university level. We publish thoughtful, well-developed articles that are readable, relevant, and reliable. Articles may be either empirical or non-empirical, and should emphasize pedagogy, i.e., explaining how faculty members can improve their teaching methods or how accounting units can improve their curricula and programs.
Chapter 1. Accounting Research Readings Groups; Denton L. Collins, Kirsten A. Cook, Matthew T. Hart 
Chapter 2. Analytics Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Accounting Graduates; William D. Brink, M. Dale Stoel
Chapter 3. Data Analytics and the Cash Collections Process: An Adaptable Case Employing Excel and Tableau; William J. Amadio, M. Elizabeth Haywood  
Chapter 4. Determinants of Students’ Repeating the First College-Level Accounting Course; Meifang Xiang, Sarah Hinchliffe 
Chapter 5. The Goldilocks Relationship Between Exam Completion Sequencing and Performance in Accounting Classes; Timothy J. Fogarty, Gregory A. Jonas  
Chapter 6. Inducing Creativity in Accountants’ Task Performance: The Effects of Background, Environment, and Feedback; Rachel Birkey, Cass Hausserman  
Chapter 7. Research Productivity of Accounting Professors Around a Change in Institutional Affiliation; Thomas D. Dowdell, Jr., David N. Herda, Mina J. Pizzini, Laura Trude 
Chapter 8. 2017 Uniform CPA Exam Revisions – How are Educators Responding?; Marie Kulesza, Pamela Q. Weaver  
Chapter 9. Is a Current Year IRA Deduction the Best Long-Term Tax Strategy?; Michaele Morrow, Mitchell Franklin 
Chapter 10. Teaching Operating Cash Flow: One Matrix for Analysis – Two Methods for Presentation; James D. Stice, Earl K. Stice, David M. Cottrell, Derrald Stice
Thomas G. Calderon is Professor of Accounting and Chair of the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy at The University of Akron. He has served as Chair since 2005 and recently completed a two-year term (2014 – 2016) as Chair of The University of Akron’s caucus of department chairs and school directors.
Professor Calderon joined The University of Akron in 1988 after spending two years on the faculty at the University of New Orleans (1986 – 88). His PhD is from Virginia Tech. He is a co-author of four monographs related to teaching and learning. He recently published a book chapter on academic program review and evaluation as part of an international project that examined accounting and management education across the globe. His publications in the area of accounting education have appeared in Journal of Accounting Education, Issues in Accounting Education, Accounting Educators Journal, and Advances in Accounting Education.  
He serves on the editorial board of four academic and professional journals. Recently he served as part of a team of scholars (led by Professor Richard Arum, current Dean of the School of Education at UC Irvine) that worked on a National Social Science Research Council project to identify, measure and assess learning goals for business and accounting degree programs. He was named as editor of Advances in Accounting Education in May 2017. 
Professor Calderon is a past president of (1) the Teaching, Learning & Curriculum (TLC) Section of the American Accounting Association (AAA); (2) AAA Ohio Region, and (3) Institute of Management Accountants (Akron Chapter). He has served as an external examiner and program reviewer for various universities in the US and internationally. Professor Calderon was inducted into the TLC’s Hall of Honor in 2010 and was honored as the Outstanding Ohio Accounting Educator in 2006 by the AAA (Ohio Region) and the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants. He received the Ohio AAA President’s Award in 2011 for his lifetime of exemplary service and leadership.

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