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Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations Vol: 6

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18 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
296 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Accounting Education


Advances in Accounting Education is a refereed, academic research annual whose purpose is to meet the needs of faculty members interested in ways to improve their classroom instruction. It publishes thoughtful, well-developed articles that are readable, relevant and reliable. Articles are peer-reviewed and may be either empirical or non-empirical. They emphasize pedagogy, i.e., explaining how faculty members can improve their teaching methods, or how accounting units can improve their curricula/programs. The series examines diverse issues such as software use, cultural differences, perceptions of the profession, and more.
Incorporating Ethics into Tax Classes: A Theoretical Framework. (J.C. Robison, M.B. Armstrong, J. Carr). Experiential Learning in Auditing: Four Experiments for the Classroom. (S.T. Schwartz, E. Spires, R.A. Young). Anti-Fraud Education in Academia. (B.K. Peterson , T.A. Buckhoff). The Pause Method in Undergraduate Auditing: An Analysis of Student Assessments and Relative Effectiveness. (R.L. Braun, W.R. Simpson). Income Tax Aspects of Accounting: Changes and Error Corrections: An Instructional Approach. (R. Bloom, G.P. Weinstein). Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics as a Form of Service Learning. (S.E. Anderson, C.C. Bauman). Using the Financial Accounting Research System to Develop a Professional Research Competency in Intermediate Financial Accounting. (W.A. Duffy, L.M. Leinicke). Student Involvement in Accounting Organizations: The Effect on CPA Firm Recruiting. (S. Mauldin, J.L. Crain, J.L. Morris). An Investigation of the Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Peer Teaching Observation for Untenured Accounting Faculty. (S. Bruns et al.). Forensic Accounting Education: A Survey of Academicians and Practitioners. (Z. Rezaee, D.L. Crumbley, R.C. Elmore). A Strategic Approach to Academic Career Development. (J.L. Bierstaker). A Descriptive Account of the Development and Implementation of an Innovative Graduate Accounting Program: An Example of Stakeholder-Based Decision Making. (D.E. Stout et al).

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