Achieving Academic Promotion

Marian Mahat
University of Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer Tatebe
University of Auckland, New Zealand

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28 Jan 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
176 pages - 129 x 198mm
Surviving and Thriving in Academia


Academic promotion doesn't come easy: a successful application requires you to demonstrate continued growth in every area of your role as a researcher, educator and member of the academic community. Furthermore, the detail of the promotions process varies from one country to another and even from one institution to another. So where does an ambitious academic start?  

Achieving Academic Promotion demystifies the process by bringing together international perspectives - both personal accounts and reflections on the structures and processes of promotion in different contexts - to help you understand the steps you can take at any stage of your career to move up the ladder. Featuring compelling and encouraging personal stories of success, as well as practical tips and takeaways, this timely book is essential reading for the academic who wants to be promotion-ready.
Foreword; Rowena Arshad
Part 1: Scholars' Experiences and Personal Reflections on Academic Promotion 
Chapter 1: Demystifying the academic promotion process; Marian Mahat and Jennifer Tatebe 
Chapter 2: From perilous to permanent; Jennifer Tatebe 
Chapter 3: Being female in academia; Marian Mahat 
Chapter 4: Raising the bar: Landing your first academic position in U.S. higher education; Blair Izard and David Moss 
Part 2: International Perspectives on the Structural and Institutional Processes of Academic Promotion 
Chapter 5: Academic promotion in the UK: Your guide to success; Jackie Calkwell 
Chapter 6: Academic careers and promotions in Finland and Austria: System and institutional perspectives; Jussi Kivistó, Elias Pekkola, and Attila Pausits 
Chapter 7: The academic market in Latin America: Challenges and opportunities for early career scholars; Elizabeth Balbachevsky 
Chapter 8: What now for the graduate and early career academics; Graeme Aitken
Marian Mahat is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Marian has more than twenty years of professional and academic experience, spanning several universities, the Australian Federal and local governments, as well as the private sector. Her research focuses on student learning and outcomes in different learning and teaching contexts and systems.
Jennifer Tatebe is a Lecturer in the School of Critical Studies in Education, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her work examines the transformative potential of education in disadvantaged contexts by exploring the socioeconomic and political contexts of these educational spaces and their influence on teaching and learning.
Achieving Academic Promotion is an important and highly valuable resource for academics at all career stages. This book both supports and challenges all of us to focus on our career trajectories with confidence, precision and ownership. Tips and advice provided throughout are pragmatic and professionally contextualised to ensure relevance across the international academic community. The personal reflections from the authors add a significant dimension to understanding and successfully addressing promotion processes while managing the realities of the day to day complexities that would otherwise subsume our intentions successfully build our careers. A ‘must read’ for everyone looking to realise their potential through strategic career enhancement. - Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education

As an early career academic, it’s sometimes hard to understand the purposes and processes of a large tertiary institution. One of the first things new academics do learn, however, is that promotion is the holy grail. It is how you progress in your career - but the question remains what do you need to do, know, understand and seek out so that you can get promoted? This book answers these questions and will become your guide to preparing and applying for academic promotion.

Take this book with you as your develop your academic career. Dip in and out as you reach milestones, challenges or opportunities along the way. With a range of strategies, advice and ideas, this text is truly invaluable to those seeking to join, and progress, within the academy. - Dr Joanne Blannin, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia

This book

is undoubtedly a good resource, not only for early and mid-career academics and

doctoral students, but also for scholars at all stages in their careers. This

book can be used by the Human Resource Departments of HEIs when conducting

induction programs for new academic staff appointed and also in formal

mentoring programs. The mentor and mentee can discuss pertinent aspects related

to preparing for academic promotions. - Dr Rajkumar Mestry, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

This book isn’t simply about how to ‘fit’ into higher education institutions in order

to be able to make a living from academic work, but also challenges us to think

about how our institutions might be transformed so they become places where

the intellectual contribution of all is properly valued. - Professor Howard Stevenson, University of Nottingham, UK

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