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Accounting and Development: A Special Case for Africa

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03 Feb 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
356 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies


This special edition (Supplement 1) of "Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies" (RAEE) focuses on accounting and economic development issues in developing countries, with special reference to Africa. The decision to publish a special supplement on Africa originated from the first conference on African accounting held under the aegis of the University of Botswana in February 1993. This supplement is a collaboration between African and non-African scholars. The chapters that have resulted have incorporated changes in accounting practices that have arisen between February 1993 (when the Botswana Conference took place) and December 1997. The last four chapters of this supplement did not originate from the Botswana Conference. They are derived from the unsolicited submissions to our annual series and went through our normal review process. They were included in this supplement because of their focus on an African country - Nigeria.
Editorial board. List of contributors. Introduction to the series. Accounting and development: a special case for Africa (R.S. Olusegun Wallace). African Accounting and Economic Development. Accounting and economic development (S. Ndzinge, R.J. Briston). A macro approach for developing the accounting infrastructure in Third World economies (F.E. Amenkhienan et al.). Accounting Education and its Future. The future shape of accounting and accounting education (S.R. Letza, R.S. Olusegun Wallace). Accounting education and training in Botswana: a critical analysis (B.A.S. Magembe et al.). The role of accounting in economic development: financial training lessons from the public sector of Lesotho (S. Gill). Information technology and the accountant-cum-financial-manager: the case of Malawi (N.J. Ronan, F.E. Amenkhienan). Public Sector Audit, Taxation, and Privatization. The relevance of value for money audits toward economic development (C.A. Kyara, M.J. Kedslie). Economic versus equity considerations in forging tax policies for emerging economies: the case of Lesotho (K. Hlasa, M. Hagigi). Privatization and the further development of accounting policy in Africa (C.C. Okeahialam, M.J. Kedslie). Corporate Finance in Southern Africa. Risk and the Botswana stock market (K. Chisambi et al.). Interest rates and the demand for bank credit in Botswana (K.R. Jefferis). Corporate Financial Reporting in Southern Africa. The usefulness of annual financial statements to loan officers in Zimbabwe (O.L. Odhiambo, J. Simon). A review of disclosure requirements and accountability in Botswana (C.O. Agum et al.). Regular Articles: Accounting in Nigeria. Cost accounting among Nigerian artisans (D.P.S. Asechemie, J.O. Iker). A longitudinal analysis of the quality of audit reporting on the accounts of listed companies in Nigeria following the indigenization of equity capital (1978-1989) (E.N.M. Okike).

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