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A Research Annual Vol: 22

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18 Feb 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
456 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology


Contains four sets of refereed essays. One group includes papers on Harrod and Robertson; Adam Smith; Keynes; Mendeleev; Veblen; and J. M. Clark. The second group has six papers on the historiography of institutional economics during the inter-war period. The third group has two papers on a conference on the status of the status quo. The fourth group has thirteen essays each reviewing one or more recent works.
Abbreviated. Dynamics, trade and money in the correspondence between Roy Harrod and Dennis Robertson (D. Besomi). Keynes, uncertainty and the competitive process (S.P. Dunn). The prudence of projectors: Adam Smith's premonition of financial fragility and the origins of monetary policy (J. Toporowski). Catalysing growth?: Mendeleev and the 1891 tariff (V. Barnett). Veblen at Chicago: The winds of creativity (G.M. Hodgson). John Maurice Clark and the multiplier: A note (L. Fiorito). Roundtable on the Historiography of Institutional Economics. Introduction and summary (D. Hammond, W.J. Samuels). Institutional economics: The term and its meanings (M. Rutherford). Is institutionalism still a useful category? (R.B. Emmett). Institutional economics as a category for historical analysis (W.J. Samuels). Why institutional economics matters as a category of historical analysis (B.W. Bateman). J. Daniel Hammond, Norma Jeane Mortenson and American institutionalism: A view from the top row (S.G. Medema). The Buchanan Colloquium on the status of the status quo: Reports on a conference. The status of the status quo: The Buchanan Colloquium (W.J. Samuels). The problem of the status of the status quo: Some comments (W.J. Samuels). 13 review essays on various recent published books.

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