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A Research Annual Vol: 19

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20 Mar 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
332 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology


In addition to two sets of multiple reviews plus thirteen single reviews, this work includes three articles on the history of economic thought and one on methodology. The former are articles on the interpretation of Adam Smith, on Irving Fisher, and on certain economic aspects of the work of a literary figure, James Branch Cabell. The former is an article on econometricians' decision making as to choice of method. In addition, an important paper by Wesley Clair Mitchell on the money economy and economic efficiency is published with an interpretive introduction.
Method Choice in The History of Econometrics: A Decision Criteria Taxonomy and Decison Criteria Taxonomy and Analysis of the Report of Econometricians' Decision Making Across Source Materials (K.K. Madden). Unpacking "Adam Smith: Critical Theorist?" (S.J. Pack). Love and Death: The Wealth of Irving Fisher (P. Mehrling). The Economy of James Branch Cabell (W.J. Samuels). American Institutionalism. Wesley Clair Mitchell's Money Economy and Economic Efficiency. Introduction (J. Biddle, L. Fiorito). Wesley Clair Mitchell's Money Economy and Economic Efficiency (L. Fiorito). Review Essays. Multiple Review of van Creveld's The Rise and Decline of the State (Y.S. Brenner, S. Todd Lowry, K. Mischel, W.J. Samuels). Multiple Review of Morgan and Morrison's Models as Mediators: Perspectives on Natural and Social Science (R.B. Emmett, S.T. Ziliak). Angresano's The Political Economy of Gunnar Myrdal (S. Dzarasov). Szostak's Econ-Art: Divorcing Art from Science in Modern Economics (M. Wolfson). Barber's The Works of Irving Fisher (M. Blaug). Blaug's Who's Who in Economics (3rd ed.) (W.J. Samuels). Pasinetti and Schefold's The Impact of Keynes on Economics in the 20th Century (M.W. Reder). Ruggles' and Ruggles' Macro-and Microdata Analyses and their Integration (K.K. Madden). Perlman and McCann's The Pillars of Economic Understanding: Ideas and Traditions (A. Brewer). Martin's Verstehen: The Uses of Understanding in Social Science (T. Cowen). Pinkard's Hegel: A Biography (P. Diesing). Garnett's What do Economists Know? (T. Mayer). Perlman and McCann's The Pillars of Economic Understanding: Ideas and Traditions (G. Hueckel). Henderson's and Davis' The Life and Thought of David Ricardo (S. Hollander). Hollander's The Economics of Thomas Robert Malthus (J.T. Young).

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