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A National Developmental and Negotiated Approach to School and Curriculum Evaluation Vol: 14

Mei Kuin Lai
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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31 Oct 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Advances in Program Evaluation
Current conventions in school evaluation focus on accountability, control and compliance. New Zealand offers a distinctive, systemic alternative to school self-evaluation, with developmental and negotiated approaches ingrained throughout the education system, from school inspection to major government schooling improvement initiatives. In New Zealand there is no national testing, other than a Ministry-sponsored (voluntary) formative assessment system designed for school and teacher self-evaluation. This is a form of professional and program evaluation where there is shared power and responsibility between evaluators and those being evaluated. Through a detailed national case study of New Zealand, together with commentaries from international specialists, this volume examines the successes and challenges of this approach to programme evaluation and its generalizability to other educational and professional review settings, and show how education systems can recover a balance between an achievement agenda and a focus on educational quality.
Enhancing the quality of education through school self-evaluation. The New Zealand educational context: Evaluation and self-review in a self-managing system. AsTTle – A national testing system for formative assessment: How the national testing policy ended up helping schools and teachers. A thousand flowers blooming: The implications of school self-review for policy developers. Evaluation in effective research-practice partnerships. Developing a conceptual framework for school review. Changing the professional culture of school review: The inside story of ERO. Evaluation as a double-edged sword: Building schools’ evaluative capability while evaluating their efforts in raising achievement. Leaders’ use of classroom evidence to understand, evaluate and reform schooling for indigenous students. School improvement through theory engagement. Looking forward: Evaluation in New Zealand education. New Zealand style school review: A view from outside. School self-evaluation in the longer time scale. Experiences from a small Scandinavian state. Data-centered school self-evaluation in the Netherlands: Characteristics and prerequisites. Exploring the possibilities and methodological challenges of evaluation practice: A democratic question. Judging and explaining the quality of school self-evaluations: Indicators and findings on meta-evaluation from a Flemish perspective. Introduction to the education review office chapters. Introduction to the New Zealand case. An Introduction to International Contrasts. A Developmental and Negotiated Approach to School Self-Evaluation. Advances in Program Evaluation. A Developmental and Negotiated Approach to School Self-Evaluation. Copyright page. Preface: Walking backwards into the future. About the Editors. About the Authors. List of Contributors.

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